American Brutus: John Wilkes Booth and the Lincoln Conspiracies. (2004)

American Brutus in an all-encompassing account of the Lincoln conspiracy and the people behind it. It is the first book on the subject based entirely on primary sources, and it strips away more than a century of myth and folklore. Historian William Marvel calls it “a work that can probably never be equaled in breadth of study, soundness of reasoning, or maturity of judgment.” The late historian David Herbert Donald said, “There are many books on (the assassination) but this is by far the best.”

“[American Brutus should] settle all the arguments that have raged for nearly a century and a half about Lincoln’s assassin and his cadre of pathetic lunatics and misfits. Kauffman has done incredibly detailed research and is able to trace Booth’s movements almost minute by minute. We know how the story ends, but he still manages to keep the reader in suspense.”–Jonathan Yardley,The Washington Post (one of the top ten nonfiction books, 2004)

Kauffman tells his story with vigor and skill…There can be no doubt that he has done a superb work of research and analysis. –The Boston Globe (one of the top ten nonfiction books, 2004)

“American Brutus by Michael Kauffman-to me, this is the definitive history of Lincoln’s assassination. It’s long, which is great, because this is a complicated topic. I especially liked how Kauffman revisited some long-standing assumptions and comes up with some new insights. The must-read of all must-reads on this subject.” –Petrified Forest, Killing Lincoln review, October 13, 2013 online blog. To see the entire review of Killing Lincoln, go here.

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In the Footsteps of an Assassin (2012)

In the Footsteps of an Assassin is a ground-breaking new way to explore the past that transcends the pages of history to take you to the places of history. Start your journey with the 164-page illustrated history book that sheds new light on the Lincoln assassination with images and artifacts that have never been published before. Then literally walk in the footsteps of an assassin as Mike guides you on a tour of the sites where John Wilkes Booth devised and carried out his plan to assassinate the President. Explore the sites virtually on your computer or download the tour to your smartphone and visit them in person. This classic tour features narration by the author, augmented reality images, quiz questions and more. (The mobile tour is currently compatible with the iPhone only. An Android version will be available soon.)

In the Footsteps of an Assassin may be purchased from TravelBrains and Amazon.

Samuel Bland Arnold: Memoirs of a Lincoln Conspirator (1995)

An original member of Booth’s conspiracy, Arnold had withdrawn from the plot only three weeks before the president’s assassination. Captured, tried, and sentenced to life at hard labor at the infamous Dry Tortugas, Sam Arnold survived to tell his remarkable story in a vivid and compelling style. Based on Arnold’s diaries, it is the only full-length account of Booth’s conspiracy written by one of the accused. Published as a newspaper series in 1902, it is reproduced here verbatim, along with supplementary notes, appendices, and photographs.

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The Hunt for John Wilkes Booth (History Channel) (2008) (DVD)

The Hunt for John Wilkes Booth (based on the book, American Brutus: John Wilkes Booth and the Lincoln Conspiracies by Michael W. Kauffman) is a clean, straightforward, lucid treatment of the assassination, and a good refresher course for students or anyone else interested in filling in the gaps on this seminal moment in American history. …..[The Hunt for John Wilkes Booth is] an excellent grounding for an historical event we should all understand more thoroughly. Excerpt of review by Paul Mavis, DVD Talk.

The Hunt for John Wilkes Booth may be purchased from Barnes & Noble and Amazon. It’s also available for rent on Netflix.

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